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Strength Training with Online PT

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An individual approach to power training means the most efficient exercises that help you achieve your personal goals.
Your trainer will select exercise sets and observe your movement. Honing your technique during complicated exercises with loads is crucial to avoid injuries. It’s always more motivating and fun to train with a real person.

Your Personal Trainer Increases Your Progression Manifold

You can work out at home using equipment at hand or without any. You save time for the trip to the gym and feel comfortable in familiar surroundings.
You can also train in a gym using a selfie-stick tripod. It brings the same results as in-person trainings, but for less money.
The most important thing is that you can combine training types, while easily fitting them into your schedule.

Online Training Can Be Used Both at Home and in Gym

Benefits of Strength Training

Power training is based on a constant increase of load, so that your muscle fibre can adapt and grow. Muscle mass sculpts the body and influences a person’s hormonal health.
  • Growing muscle mass
  • Losing pounds passively because of boosted metabolism
  • Changing your body measurements to achieve the desired shape
  • Perfect for people who don’t like running and intense cardio exercises
  • Feeling better

Having a Personal Trainer is now affordable and convenient

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✅ Price per session is cheaper than having lunch out.
❌ Over $50+ per session with a personal trainer.
✅ Train from home or from a gym at any time. Change your schedule easily.
❌ Restricted to your gym’s opening hours.
✅ Work out in private, wherever you feel most comfortable.
❌ Busy, crowded gyms give you no privacy at all.
✅ Mix-and-match different trainers and health professionals.
❌ Costly multiple club memberships and personal trainings.
✅ Connect with your trainer easily wherever you go.
❌ Сan’t get to the gym? Missed sessions slow down your progression.

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We believe that great results are achievable through a comfortable and effective human interaction rather than ingenious training programmes.

WowFit employs 50+ experienced professionals who have passed expert selection. We are confident in their professionalism and ability to find an individual approach.

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