Jo Angelique

16+ years of experience
From: Cyprus
Special Types
  • Functional
  • Strength
  • Toning
  • Weight Loss
  • HIIT
  • Cardio
  • CrossFit
  • TRX
Types of Training
Age Groups: 6-70+
Rehab Types
  • Post Injury/Surgery Recovery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Postural Correction
Soft Types
  • Pilates
  • Balance & Stability Training
  • Mobility Training
  • Stretching
Sports Types
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Athletic Training
  • Speed, Agility & Coordination
I speak:
  • Breathing Practices
  • Scoliosis
  • Joint Replacement
Experienced With
  • Back Pain
  • Arthritis


Jo Angelique Scheller holds an International Personal Training Qualification with extensive hands-on experience. She specializes as a personal weight loss coach and offers expertise in endurance, strength training, toning, and fitness. With experience ranging from beginner-level clients to elite professional athletes and triathletes, Jo is well-versed in tailoring programs to diverse needs. She also excels in rehabilitation, assisting clients in building strength in areas weakened by old injuries. Jo is dedicated to offering a healthy lifestyle and unwavering support to her clients' fitness journeys, always willing to go the extra mile. Having worked in person in South Africa and the UK, she now operates remotely in Europe.
Loves: Exploring. Traveling. Watching movies. Walking.
"With more than 16 years of practice and experience working with a diverse range of individuals, from office workers to professional athletes, I can confidently say that anyone is capable of achieving their goals. All that is needed is good motivation, friendly advice, and a bit of professional supervision. I'm here to assist with any fitness goals, and I'm sure that changes in one sphere can influence your whole life in a surprising manner." — JO ANGELIQUE

Certified Trainer

  • Personal Training Certificate from the International Institution of Fitness Training and Sport Science (IIFT)
  • Sport Massage from Balancing Touch
  • Kinesis, Indoor Cycling, Water Aerobics, Core and more from Virgin Active
  • First Aid Level 1 and 2
  • Professional Boxing Training
  • Training a Client for the Comrades

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The personal training experience is excellent! They assigned one which fits my requirements perfectly. Would highly recommend anyone to try their service.
Nancy M
Being someone who has found going to the gym to be an intimidating experience, WowFit is a really big and important part of my life.
I would highly recommend WowFit. I have two trainers and exercise 5 days a week. With an extremely busy business executive schedule, this was impossible to manage at local gyms. WowFit allows me to travel with work, go on vacation, or stay at home and never miss a workout session.
This service has been amazing! From beginning to end…
1.Found them easily online during search for online training
2. Their pricing was easy to understand
3. The trainer selection was excellent
4. My trainer is so committed, encouraging, knowledgeable, and consistent!
5. My trainer and the service have been so easy to work with!
Cant think of any improvements!
WowFIt is great for several reasons: you can access several classes in a very flexible way. You can combine trainers and they offer a variety of times across the day. It’s perfect if you need flexibility and you want to keep on exercising anytime, at home or while travelling! Trainers are generally very kind and work with you to build a plan that would go around your needs and reach your finess goals.

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