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Everyone is different when it comes to fitness. Unlike the majority of online fitness and yoga schools, we offer live and not pre-recorded lessons with certified trainers.

Shape up with a personal online trainer at an affordable price and schedule a session at a time that's convenient for you.

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How It Works

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We will contact you in order to learn about your health and activity background so that our personal trainer can provide an individual plan.
Connect with your handpicked trainer
Try our 1−1 service — video call by Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype with our trainer who we find according to your preferences and requirements.
Work out whenever, wherever
Your trainer will adapt your workouts as you train and as your schedule changes, while keeping you accountable and engaged along the way.

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Get a personal trainer that suits you best
We'll find you the perfect match for your personality, experience, and goals.
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Get shaped with a custom training & meal plan created by your trainer.
Start from any level
We welcome beginners and professionals, kids and older adults, gym-haters and bodybuilders.
On your terms
Flexible schedule. Personalized training. You pay only for sessions.
No subscription fees.

Benefits of WowFit

Save time
Choose a time that fits your schedule. No more wasting time commuting to a gym.
Save money
We provide you with top professionals from all over the Globe at a price 3−5 times lower.
Reach your goals easier
Your training program will be aligned with your desires and needs by a professional trainer.
Stay motivated
Your personal online trainer provides connection and support. You will always stay motivated!
Proven results with WowFit

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training alone

found WowFit to be more convenient than workouts at gym
found WowFit to be as effective or more effective than solo workouts at gym
at home with pre-recorded videos
Workouts alone at gym
Workouts online with a personal trainer

Percentage of people who works out regularly for 2+ months after 1st session:


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First session is FREE!

No prepayment. A full 60 minute workout with a personalized trainer.

What our clients say

Tell us about your goals and we will find you a perfect trainer.

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What equipment do I need for a trial class?
All you need is a laptop / smartphone with internet (20Mbs+) and space (you will stay about 7−10 feet from your device and should have enough space to do regular fitness exercises).

If you exercise from home, it is nice to have a mat / water bottle. Our sessions do not require any additional equipment. In special cases, a trainer will instruct you about all needed equipment for your personal fitness goals.
Will the trainer correct my exercise techniques / will (s)he see how I exercise?
Yes, your trainer will see all your movements and provide needed guidance. Hundreds of people have tested this approach already and have found that it works well.
Trainers use video guidance, provide demonstration, and will require you to do exercise in several dimensions to see person from different angles.
Can I exercise from a gym?
Yes, you can. However, this approach requires you to have wireless headphones, a smartphone with a good camera and a selfie stick tripod (priced at $ 15−25). From our experience, gym administration accepts this practice, however, check with your gym for their policy.
Does fitness over the internet and video conferencing really work?
You will be surprised how well it works! Give it a try by scheduling a free session and assess for yourself. We have many satisfied clients and well-trained coaches already using live 1-on-1 trainings.
How much space do I need for my session?
We want your trainer to be able to fully see you during your session. Typically, you want to have about 10−12 feet space between the mat and your laptop or phone. Don’t worry if the space is a bit less or more. The goal is for the trainer to be able to see you from head to toe.
Do I need a laptop or a mobile phone?
You can workout from either your smartphone or laptop. We recommend you to join sessions using your laptop or a tablet as a larger screen helps you see your trainer better.