Our Goal is to Make 1-on-1 Training Sessions With a Professional Trainer Accessible to Everyone

We believe that taking care of yourself should be healthy and fun
Great results are achievable through comfortable and effective human interaction rather than ingenious training programs

Founding and Inspiration

WowFit team believes that fitness should be accessible and enjoyable. The company's unique approach allows clients to engage with top trainers from around the world, fostering a diverse and inclusive fitness community. For instance, our client Anastasia in the US can experience sessions with a yoga trainer Swati that lives in India (motherland of Yoga).

driven by their personal struggle to maintain consistency in fitness routine with busy schedules. Mikhail was a former professional swimmer, striving to find groundedness and work-life balance. Our core mission is for people to be healthy and happy by providing them with an accessible and consistent solution of online personal training.

WowFit was founded in 2020 by Mikhail Gladkov and Eugen Kozunov,

Mikhail Gladkov

CEO at WowFit

Eugen Kozunov

Growth and Expansion

Only 1 out of 150 reviewed applications makes it to our team as we have a 7 step due diligence process.

Based in Estonia, WowFit leverages the country's innovative environment to expand its services globally. We pride ourselves on having one of the best trainers in the industry. We continually refine our selection procedures and use data-driven management to enhance our services.
Our community-centric approach in hiring trainers ensures that every trainer embodies our values. We emphasize continuous education, requiring new trainers to get approval from four existing trainers.
Despite marketing challenges in a quick-fix industry where slogans like “lose 10 kg in 10 days” or “get abs in 2 weeks” drive the market, our commitment to long-term health and sustainable fitness sets it apart.
— MARIA VAZQUEZ, Head of Trainers
"Over the years, I've had the privilege of coaching individuals worldwide, spanning diverse backgrounds, ages, and health conditions. I'm committed to bringing aboard top-tier trainers to provide the best personal training service in the world."

We understand that our clients face different situations and adapt accordingly. Returning to a routine can be difficult, and we help with that. We track client goals and reassess regularly with the clients.

There is a lot of work going behind the scene to ensure choosing the proper trainer and suitable program. User feedback drives platform improvements, ensuring effective and personalized fitness solutions.

Quality Assurance and Client Support

Team Culture, Motivation and Future Vision

United by shared values, the WowFit team fosters a motivated and cohesive environment. Looking ahead, WowFit aims to grow through providing genuine value and word-of-mouth recommendations.
The most rewarding aspect for us is the positive impact on clients’ lives. By talking to our loyal customers we always realize the profound difference WowFit is making.

Train With Pleasure At Your Own Pace, Just Like Thousands Of Our Clients Do

Don’t hesitate. Trust verified reviews on Trustpilot
Great experience with Wowfit. Quick replies from both Luzanne (trainer) and Amina (Admin). Luzanne is all business, kind and a real motivator. Takes your fitness goals seriously as if they were her own. Shows up to sessions, brings all her knowledge and experience to keep workouts different and continuously challenging. I always felt that she cared about what I wanted to achieve even though she was at the other end of the world. I'm sure Wowfit have other terrific trainers, that said you can't go wrong with Luzanne.
I would highly recommend Wowfit. I have two trainers and exercise 5 days a week. With an extremely busy business executive schedule, this was impossible to manage at local gyms. Wowfit allows me to travel with work, go on vacation, or stay at home and never miss a workout session.
Maria James
My personal trainer was Shashi Samarasinghe. Because of her I had such a great wowfit experience. I've always hated exercise and struggled to commit to it but with shashi we always did a variety of exercises and her upbeat energy and enthusiasm always made the sessions so fun and light hearted so I was always able to push through and get through each session and now I can say I'm at the physically strongest points I've been in my life. Shashi is really dedicated to pushing you to reach your goals and also really kind and understanding and is always able to adapt sessions super quickly to your needs if you're struggling. Thank you so much. I can now finally do push ups because of her I could never before.
Highly recommend Swati and WowFit!
I have been using WowFit and training with my yoga instructor for over a year now. I am very happy with both! It has been very easy to train with my yoga instructor, Swati. I enjoy every session of it, and I wish my schedule allowed me to have a session every day! WowFit service also has been very good. They are responsive and a couple of times that I had some registration issues, they took care of it.
Shreya Patil
It's been 4 months I have been taking training from Shashi and since then I have never looked back on my exercise journey.
During the session Shashi emphasize on correct posture for exercise. It has been a game changer in my personal fat loss journey.
She give a right amount of push to complete that last set of exercises without being too aggressive.
Shashi brings very good energy in virtual class with her smile and the way she says good morning.
She is very professional in her work and she takes above and beyond efforts by reminding you to go for walk, stay active throughout the day, be aware about your calorie intake and most importantly good night message in the night as reminder for tomorrows class.
This service has been amazing! From beginning to end…
1.Found them easily online during search for online training
2. Their pricing was easy to understand
3. The trainer selection was excellent
4. My trainer is so committed, encouraging, knowledgeable, and consistent!
5. My trainer and the service have been so easy to work with!
Cant think of any improvements!
I was amazed by the results that come from personalized workouts. In just 60 minutes of training, in my living room, Victoria led my transformation and helped me finally get back in shape! I also feel more energized, confident and inspired. I have never met her in person, but she is now one of my biggest supporters! Workouts with WowFit truly helped me in weight loss and goal achievement!
WowFIt is great for several reasons: you can access several classes in a very flexible way. You can combine trainers and they offer a variety of times across the day. It’s perfect if you need flexibility and you want to keep on exercising anytime, at home or while travelling! Trainers are generally very kind and work with you to build a plan that would go around your needs and reach your finess goals.

Tailored Fitness at Your Fingertips

Home Convenience: One-on-one training right from your home
Comfort and Efficiency: Fitness made accessible, effective, and enjoyable
Customized Training: Perfectly matched workouts and trainers for every level
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