Our goal is to make 1-to-1 training sessions with a professional trainer affordable to everyone

Training is about a healthy and fun way to take good care of yourself
We believe that great results are achievable through a comfortable and effective human interaction rather than ingenious training programmes

Meet WowFit Founders


Founder, CEO

Graduated from Yale School of Management (M.B.A. cum laude). Eugene loves learning and understands from his personal experience how important good mentors and human relationships are to achieve goals. Eugene developed several EdTech businesses in the past; now his focus is on WowFit.

Photos of Eugene before and after a cycle of active training with a personal trainer

My ambition is to create the largest service provider in the world which will help its users improve their health and feel happy.



Head of Trainers

Nathalie has got who B.S. degrees: one in Psychology and one in Sports and Exercise.
She is an international expert and a certified instructor at LesMills, TRX, NCSF PT, Trigger Point and keeps improving her skills on a regular basis.
Under her belt, Nathalie has two launched gyms, lectures at fitness schools, online projects, organised fitness festivals.

Some facts about WowFit

Since 2020 • Incorporated in Delaware. Working Globally.
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Why online PT?

Online training is just as effective as any in-person training.
80% of people quit training for the lack of motivation. Our personal trainers can easily fix that.
1-1 training is always more efficient than group training or doing fitness by yourself. Your trainer will always keep your on your toes and help you stick to regular training and nutrition plans, which are tailored to your needs and wishes.

Meet some of our trainers

We believe that behind the cool results are not ingenious training programs, but comfortable and productive human relationships.

WowFit employs 160+ experienced professionals who have passed expert selection. We are confident in their professionalism and ability to find an individual approach.
Our experienced experts hand-pick and hire trainers with vetted professional skills of training and teaching. We also choose trainers who value what we do, so that they can motivate and gently support you on your journey to a healthier you with a harmony between body and mind.
Tell us about your goals and we will find you a perfect trainer.

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