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Core, lower back and pelvic muscles are the most vulnerable body parts during pregnancy that experience tension. A personal trainer will help you find exercises that are right for you at that period of time and monitor your technique and well-being.
Live communication with a trainer during workouts will be more fun and beneficial than recorded videos.

Role of PT in Pre- and Postnatal Training

You can train at home where everything feels comfortable and familiar. It’s easy to adjust your workout schedule according to your free time and the way you feel.
There is no need for complicated equipment. You might need a roller which is easy to make from a towel. If you have a resistance band and a Pilates ball, the training will be even more efficient.

Online Pre- and Postnatal Workouts at Home

Benefits of Pre- and Postnatal Workouts

Pilates unites body and mind, it requires focus on your body and breathing. The more advanced is the Pilates level, the more concentration is required, which can boost your mental health.
  • Getting your body ready for delivery
  • Relieving back pain
  • Maintaining the health of baby and mum
  • Improving postpartum posture
  • Boosting your well-being and mood

Having a Personal Trainer is now affordable and convenient

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❌ Restricted to your gym’s opening hours.
✅ Work out in private, wherever you feel most comfortable.
❌ Busy, crowded gyms give you no privacy at all.
✅ Mix-and-match different trainers and health professionals.
❌ Costly multiple club memberships and personal trainings.
✅ Connect with your trainer easily wherever you go.
❌ Сan’t get to the gym? Missed sessions slow down your progression.

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We believe that great results are achievable through a comfortable and effective human interaction rather than ingenious training programmes.

WowFit employs experienced professionals who have passed expert selection. We are confident in their professionalism and ability to find an individual approach.

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