1. What is a subscription/package, how do I manage it?

Package vs Subscription
Subscriptions are the most popular option: once in a set period of time (1/3/6 months) your balance is refilled automatically (your card is charged). The option is perfect for those who prefer to train regularly and for a long time. Subscriptions are cheaper.
A package is a simple set of sessions valid for 1 year from the date of its activation. You have no payments planned in advance. Packages are a bit more expensive.
Flexibility of subscription
You are able to change your next payment date = renew your subscription (in case of vacation/illness/other issues) or even cancel it (if you aren't sure when you're going to restart) but still be using sessions on your balance.
Renewal, cancelation
To renew your subscription, please contact out Customer Support Team. To cancel your subscription, contact our CS Team or use the CANCEL button in the email confirmation for your purchase.
Validity period
Initially your subscription has a billing cycle = the validity period of your sessions (example: 8 sessions for 1 month, 50 sessions for 6 months). BUT! If you'd like to extend this period, please address our CS Team. IN ANY CASE even if you didn't use all sessions during the billing cycle, they don't expire but roll over to the next period.
Changing my card number
To change your bank card details, please follow the instructions in your email confirmation after the purchase or contact our CS Team.

2. Can I pay in my own currency?

Payment in local currency
You can pay in your local currency but only for packages of sessions.
Subscriptions can only be paid in USD.
Every payment is processed via Stripe, both through our website or as direct payments (in local currencies).
In special cases we can create a Wise payment link for bank transfers.

3. Can I change/combine trainers? How do I do it?

Changing current trainer / mixing fitness types
If you’d like to change your current trainer OR mix trainers working with different fitness types, please contact our CS Team. We will help you choose the best trainer for your needs, advise on the schedule, book a FREE TRIAL and create a chat for you and your new PT.
Free trial
We offer a free trial session with a PT of your choice. You can decide if you’d like to proceed with regular sessions only after trying out our services. The same goes for changing your current trainer or searching for an additional trainer.
CS Managers assistance
Our Customer Support Team is always ready to assist with complicated issues / problems / misunderstandings / urgent cases. Please feel free to send us a message in WA or by email.
If you’d like us to contact you, please send a request for a call via WA or by email (and indicate your time preference). We don't accept incoming calls due to operational load.

4. Referral system and how to use it

3 gift sessions to both customers
Feel free and be motivated to recommend our services to your friends and relatives! If they join us (purchase sessions), both of you will get +3 referral sessions on your balances! The number of referral gifts is unlimited!

5. Devices for training

The best option for workouts as it has a large screen (so you can see your trainer better)
You can use your smartphone, but be sure to place and fix it well so that you can be clearly seen by your trainer.
It’s more convenient to use a headset or earphones (mandatory for workouts in a gym).
The best way to fix your phone (an absolute must in a gym).

6. Space and equipment for training at home

How much space I need for my online training?
There usually should be space of about 7 to 10 feet (2‑3 meters) away from your device.
Don’t worry if the space is slightly smaller or bigger. The goal is for the trainer to be able to see you from head to toe.
Do I need any equipment at home?
We don't ask for any equipment (a yoga mat is the only desirable item). But if you have some, let your PT know in your messenger chat.

7. Training at a gym

Gym permission (privacy)
Our PTs assist with gym workouts very well. It’s great if you have access to a gym and can use all the equipment. But for privacy issues of other gym visitors, please get the approval for a video call from your gym's administration.
A tripod to fix your smartphone and a headset are necessary for an efficient communication with your PT during a gym session.

8. Video call

Systems we use
Zoom, Skype, WA, Google Meet.
For privacy issues of other gym visitors, please get the approval for a video call from your gym's administration.
Recording sessions
We use video call recordings, but only for internal quality control of our workouts. We don’t use the recordings for any commercial or advertisement purposes without the customer’s permission.

9. Where is WOWFit located?

USA: 169 Madison Ave #2185,
New York, NY 10016
UK: 124 City Road, London,
All over the world!
Operation offices
In different countries, mostly in UTC+1 or UTC+3 time zones (around Europe)
Sales and Customer Support Manager working hours
9 am to 9 pm UTC+1

10. Sessions for 2+ people

Sessions for 2 = pricing
We have sessions for 2 people. It’s important to get information about both of you in advance to inform the trainer before the trial session. Regular sessions have a surcharge of 30 %.
Group sessions upon request
We provide group sessions ONLY UPON REQUEST.

11. Sessions for kids

Our trainers are qualified to work with kids starting from the age of 7.
Parent's permission and assistance
Kids who are under 13 y.o. should provide their parents' or legal representatives' permission. We recommend parents to assist kids under 13 y.o. during the 1st and (if the PT finds it necessary) the following sessions.
Payments for the sessions with kids under 13 y.o. are to be made by their parents or legal representatives.

12. How do you match me to a trainer? Special cases.

Fitness goals
We carefully read your answers to our Questionnaire (Consultation Form) and, based on your goals and preferences, suggest best suitable options of our trainers.
Time zones
We work globally with all time zones and know how to manage them effectively! So just let us know where you are, we will check your time zone and choose a PT who is the most suitable for you.
Trainer's qualification and experience
Our trainers are all experienced and educated, have successful personal careers and PT experience. But we try to find the best match to every customer in terms of age, communication style or experience in each particular case.
Health issues / special needs
If you have any special health issues (recent surgery / injury / disability / pregnancy / postpartum recovery / any medical restrictions), please let us know! We will find the PT with proficiency and experience to work with your particular situation.

13. How do I refill my balance?

How do I check my balance?
You can check your balance of sessions:
‑ in the email confirmations for booked sessions
‑ by asking our CS Team to check your balance
How do I refill my balance (subscription/package)?
If you have an Active Subscription, your balance will be refilled automatically.
If your subscription is deactivated (canceled), you can either reactivate it (via an email confirmation for your purchase using the button to change your subscription status) or by contacting our CS Team. OR you can purchase another subscription or package from the website.
If you have a package and your balance is empty, you’ll need to purchase a new package.

14. How to cancel/reschedule/stop my sessions?

What happens if I can't attend a planned session?
Please inform your PT (a preferred option) or the CS Team about it. Any session can be rescheduled/canceled without any penalty, if you do it 6 hours in advance (we need to respect the trainer's time and work with the schedule)
What if my trainer can't hold a session/is on vacation/cancels?
If your trainer needs to reschedule/cancel a session, he/she can suggest any other suitable time to reschedule the session. If your trainer is on vacation, we will find a substitute for him/her, so that you don't miss your regular trainings. If you’d like to wait for your PT to come back, you may freely do so.
What if I want to stop training completely?
If you want to stop training due to any problems on our side or with your PT, let us know! We'll do our best to resolve the situation in the best way!
If there are other reasons for your desire to stop, we will refund the money for all unused sessions left on your balance.
How do I cancel the automatic refill?
You can cancel your subscription and continue using your sessions ‑ just follow the instructions in the email confirmation for your purchase (deactivate your subscription) OR contact our CS Team.
What if I don’t like the trainer assigned to me?
We will help you find a replacement in no time! Contact our CS Team, they will suggest trainers and help with booking trial session and creating a new chat for you and your new PT.
I’m running late for my session. What do I do?
Please notify your PT. If your PT is available, you can have your session later. If not, we’ll need to get the information about the delay 6 hours prior to the scheduled time of your session to reschedule/cancel it without penalty.
I lost video connection during a live session! What should I do?
Inform your PT in your chat, so that you can both find the best solution to the problem.

15. Where to leave/check feedback about WOWFit

16. Everything about sessions

Validity period: do sessions expire?
The sessions in your PACKAGE are valid for 1 year.
The sessions in your SUBSCRIPTIONS are valid for the same period of time as your subscription billing cycle (1/3/6 months), BUT you can always extend this period! Ask our CS Team to extend the validity period of your sessions, and we assure you that no sessions will be lost. The sessions accumulate on your balance.
Can I change the duration of my sessions (30/45/60 min)?
Yes, if you change your mind and decide to have, for example, 45-min sessions instead of 60-min sessions (if you initially purchased a 60-min subscription/package). Just contact our CS Team! They will calculate and change the number and duration of the sessions on your balance.
EXAMPLE: a new number of sessions will be calculated on the basis of a price per session: for example, you have 12x60-min sessions and want to replace them by 45-min sessions. Our team will take the money you spent on the 12x60-min sessions and divide the total amount by the price per session in a 12x45-min pack).
Do I have a limit of sessions I book in a week/month?
There are no limits for booking. Check your trainer's schedule and discuss with him / her what number of sessions per week is the best solution to achieve your fitness goals!
Do I have to stick to the same days/times of my sessions or can I be flexible with my schedule?
You are flexible to choose any days or times. You’ll get access to your trainer's calendar and be able to book your sessions in the open time slots. OR you can always ask your trainer to help you book your regular sessions.