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Your personal teacher will monitor your progression via video sessions, hone your technique and help you move towards your goal effectively and safely whilst having fun as you go. Unlike pre-recorded classes, live sessions with a real person are also the best motivation not to skip or quit training altogether.

Yoga Teacher Helps You Make the Best of Your Classes

Live video yoga classes save time and resources. No more wasting time getting to a yoga studio or buying expensive memberships! You'll be able to fit the training sessions into your busiest schedule on your own terms.
Train wherever you feel comfortable, wearing whatever feels good.

Online Training is Flexible and Never Boring

Meet Some of Our Trainers

We have over 160 trainers in our team today. You can rest assured that one of them is the one for you who will help you reach your goals faster.

We Thoroughly Verify the Qualification of Our Yoga Teachers

Only 2 out of 10 candidates pass our selection process at WowFit. The online format is a great opportunity to find professional yoga teachers from any country and make workouts affordable.
We evaluate their level of education, job experience and communication skills.
  • Only certified trainers with a degree in the related areas
  • Proven experience of running personal workouts
Job Experience
  • Identifying communication skills, an ability to teach remotely
  • Verifying knowledge and competence in the fitness areas in which the trainer works
Communication Skills
  • Practical assessment where a mentor evaluates the trainer’s workout

Choose the Program You Like

Yoga for beginners
Kundalini yoga
Fitness yoga
No worries, we will manage it! Share your goals, and we will select the optimal type of training and a trainer for you.

Don’t Know what Type of Yoga will Suit you Best?

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As you go on your yoga journey

Regular yoga practice improves all aspects of your life; you’ll be healthier, more resilient and vigorous.
Feel better
Yoga practice will be tailored to your goals and unique situation. The teacher will monitor your assanas and correct them.
You get an individual and safe approach to yoga
Yoga online saves time and money, it’s easy to fit into your schedule. Your teacher boosts your accountability and motivates you, so that you don’t skip sessions.
You get used to regular practice

Benefits of Regular Yoga Practice

Stress relief
Increase strenght & flexibility
Pain relief
Increased energy

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