• Hatha yoga
  • Meditation & breathing
  • Pilates
  • HIIT
7+ years of experience
"By supporting and motivating you with determination and consistency, we will bring the best out of you on this wellness journey together."


  • 200-Hours yoga teacher training
  • Prenatal postnatal (pregnancy) yoga teacher training
  • Pilates reformer teacher training
  • Mat pilates teacher training
  • Prenatal postnatal (pregnancy) yoga teacher training
  • Yin yoga teacher training
  • Prenatal postnatal pilates (pregnancy) teacher training
  • Yoga wheel workshop
  • Kids yoga teacher training
  • Anaromi posture analyse workshop


Guliz is a yoga instructor and personal trainer. She feels so blessed to share yoga and pilates as an empowering practice that moves with you off the mat and into your life. Also Guliz loves strong, sweaty HIIT classes and exploring body endurance or if you have asma, anxiety, panic attack and a stressful life or job, Meditation & Breathing is totally for you.

  • Socialize with my friends
  • Watching ballet, theatre and cinema
  • Animals and especially cats, dogs and horses
"My purpose in teaching yoga is to help each person learn, live, and fully encompass their own element; to balance and open, so each person can recognize and begin to live their fullest potential. With pilates you will lose weight and get stronger by working on your hips, legs and abdomen. With iron (High-intensity interval training) we will be walking, running, doing squats and lunges, abdominal work on the and you will burn about 400-500 calories.
Whatever workout you choose with me, I will help you find your own balance."


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