5+ years of experience
"My goal is that my clients believe in themselves more than ever so that they can achieve their health and fitness goals with confidence and consistency."



Eloisa is a CrossFit athlete and L1 certified trainer. Her specialty is guiding her clients to cross their own limits, both mentally and physically. She has been training and motivating others on their journey to health and fitness unofficially for years while being an active marketer and hospitality manager. Her training sessions include mobility, HIIT, strength and endurance, with the purpose of improving her clients' life quality.

  • Eloping into nature, CrossFit, yoga, the beach, astrology, craft beer and twerk
"I am a multicultural, joyful, entrepreneurial woman passionate about fitness and sustainable living. I love guiding my clients to cross their limits, both mental and physical. I’m aiming at improving my clients life quality via active lifestyle and personal guidance."


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