7+ years of experience
From: South Africa
Special Types
  • Functional
  • Strength
  • Toning
  • Weight Loss
  • HIIT
  • Cardio
Types of Training
Age Groups: 6-69
Soft Types
  • Balance & Stability Training
  • Mobility Training
  • Stretching
Other Types
  • Stability Ball
I speak:
  • Breathing Practices
Experienced With


Luzane is experienced in nutrition and focuses on weight loss, muscle toning, and overall fitness. She has always loved sharing her passion for an active and healthy lifestyle with others. Luzane ensures all her clients succeed and helps them realize they can achieve more than they thought possible.
Loves: Hiking trails. Mountain biking. House decorating.
"I believe if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. To change your life, you need to change your priorities. The best part about being a personal trainer is having the opportunity to transform not only my clients' bodies but also their minds. Helping someone feel better about themselves is my favorite part of being a personal weight loss coach. As a trainer, I am always looking for ways to make workouts interesting. I understand the challenges of training when you are overweight because I've been there! Don't wish for a good body, work for it!" — LUZANE

Certified Trainer

  • Fitness and Nutrition (INTEC College)
  • Stability Ball Master of the Year
  • Basic First Aid (NQF Level 2)

What Our Clients Say

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Rue Sarao
I started with my trainer Luzane a couple of months ago, and she has been a blessing in my journey. She is very in tune with my goals, and the experience has been amazing so far.
I feel stronger and can already see my mood and energy changing. I have a 15-month-old and work full time, so I love being able to train at home, which saves me so much time.
Also, shout out to Alina, the fitness manager. She has been amazing with answering my questions, getting me set up, and following up with anything I am needing.

I am very impressed with this company. I wish I had found them earlier, but I am so glad I did when I did.
Great experience with Wowfit. Quick replies from both Luzanne (trainer) and Amina (Admin). Luzanne is all business, kind and a real motivator. Takes your fitness goals seriously as if they were her own. Shows up to sessions, brings all her knowledge and experience to keep workouts different and continuously challenging. I always felt that she cared about what I wanted to achieve even though she was at the other end of the world. I'm sure Wowfit have other terrific trainers, that said you can't go wrong with Luzanne.
Claudia Baldin
I started using WowFit when I was looking for a personal trainer to help me lose a little bit of weight. Someone recommended it, and from the first minute, customer care was fantastic! I was able to try different trainers for free before choosing the best fit for me.
My trainer, Luzane, is very good; she keeps the sessions always a bit different and enjoyable. Happy to say that I'm nearly reached my weight goal!
I met the greatest Personal Trainer!
I am training with Luzane, and she is great! I used to have a PT on a regular basis for three years, and after moving to London, I couldn't find a way to have the same routine. Wowfit was the thing I needed! You can choose different trainers depending on your goals, level, and preferences. I chose Luzane, and SHE IS AMAZING! I absolutely recommend!
I would highly recommend Wowfit. I have two trainers and exercise 5 days a week. With an extremely busy business executive schedule, this was impossible to manage at local gyms. Wowfit allows me to travel with work, go on vacation, or stay at home and never miss a workout session.
This service has been amazing! From beginning to end…
1.Found them easily online during search for online training
2. Their pricing was easy to understand
3. The trainer selection was excellent
4. My trainer is so committed, encouraging, knowledgeable, and consistent!
5. My trainer and the service have been so easy to work with!
Cant think of any improvements!
WowFIt is great for several reasons: you can access several classes in a very flexible way. You can combine trainers and they offer a variety of times across the day. It’s perfect if you need flexibility and you want to keep on exercising anytime, at home or while travelling! Trainers are generally very kind and work with you to build a plan that would go around your needs and reach your finess goals.

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