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  • Weight Loss
  • Toning
6+ years of experience
✌ "To help create body positivity and help a client that will love their body."


  • Bachelor of Sports Science
  • Certitied Exercise Specialist and Sports Conding Coach


Tanya is an Exercise Specialist & Sports Conditioning Coach in South Africa. She graduated with a Bachelor of Sportscience from the University of Pretoria and is also has International Occupational Certificate in Exercise Specialist and Sports Conditioning Coaching from HFPA. She is an experienced Personal Fitness Trainer, Online Strength Coach and Conditioning & Sports Coach. She was worked a variety of clients of all ages.

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"I am vibrant, energetic and bubbly girl from South Africa. I believe in creating body love and body positivity when working with a client. I love incorporating and innovating different styles to create fun, effective, and memorable session for my client. I am more than just your trainer, I am your go to person when you want to give up, I am your support system, I am the one that wants to create a place for you, where you can become your best self. To me it's about the well-being of my client; emotionally, mentally, and physically. A little more about me; I am the coach's daughter, I grew up next to a sports field. Swimming was definitely the sport I loved most, followed by field hockey."


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