8+ years of experience
"My goal is to build a session where you will feel comfortable and increase your limits."


  • Pilates (Mat, Reformer, Wunda chair, Ladder barrel, Cadillac)
  • Pilates props (Elastic band, Foam roller, Swiss ball, Magic circle)
  • 200 hours Vinyasa and Hatha yoga
  • Certification in reiki energy healing


Roxana had help people with post injuries rehabilitation, postnatal and seen them gather strength and mobility they didn't expect to have again. In her classes Roxana loves using both techniques, focusing on breathing and consciousness.

  • Running
  • Cuddling with her pets
"I started ballet when I was 4 but didn't get serious until I was 16. I perused a dancing career but got pulled in the way towards acting and singing.
After doing circus practice, pole dance, gymnastics and several other physical sport disciplines, I got injured over and over.
I found pilates almost by magic and started a wonderful rehabilitation and a full new relationship with my body. Ever since, I've wanted nothing but to share my knowledge and experience with people about a new consciousness and a positive relationship with one's self."


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