8+ years of experience
"I motivate my clients to take their dreams seriously and work hard to get them. And to make them better than what they were yesterday."


  • Gold's Gym institute of fitness advance personal trainer
  • GGIF female fitness certified
  • GGIF special population


Salman is a certified fitness and nutrition coach.
He has been coaching, and transforming people for over 8+ years now, helping clients to reach their goals in a sustainable manner and above all helping them unleash their own hidden potential.

  • Traveling
  • Sitting in rain and meditating
  • Listening to music
"I'm in this profession to equip people with better lifestyle choices, building the right habits and changing their behaviour towards their own health. The key to achieving your fitness goals is focus, consistency and patience. Transformation to me is a process, and the end goal should help my clients lead their lives in a much better, healthier and more productive way. I believe that with right priority setting and planning we can make the entire process easy and sustainable. My LIFE /FITNESS mantra is - PRIORITISE-PLAN-EXECUTE and ENJOY."


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