• Functional Training
  • HIIT
  • Self Defense
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Martial Arts
  • Stretching
7+ years of experience
"I’ll give you my whole dedication make sure you reach your goals, to make you believe that you can do it and make you really happy with your results."


  • AAU National Championship (2019) First Place – Gold
  • World Championship Competitor – Manchester, Eng (2019)
  • Brazil National Team (2019, 2016)
  • Texas State Championship (2018) First Place – Gold
  • Panamerican Games Open (2018) Third Place – Bronze
  • Olympic Games Rio – Team B (2016)
  • Olympic Games Rio – Event Test (2016) Fifth Place
  • Germany International Open (2016) Third Place – Bronze
  • Brazilian International Open (2015) First Place – Gold | "Best Athlete Of The Tournament" Award
  • Argentina International Open (2015) First Place – Gold


Nathalia is a professional black belt athlete who loves teaching and helping others achieve their goals. Due to her great sports experience, Nathalia is an excellent coach for online functional fitness, and she will also help you learn the basics of self-defense.

  • Walking on the beach early in the morning
  • Watching TV shows
  • Traveling with her partner
"My experience with kids gave me patience to go through a lot of different challenges. Working out with adults, I understand that we really need discipline and consistency to achieve our goals. Mixing both made me find a balanced way to teach people. Now we can schedule our class and have a good time together!"


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