• Functional Training
  • HIIT
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Mobility
  • Weight and Fat Loss
  • Capoeira Training
8+ years of experience
"Every day is an opportunity to improve yourself. Let's make it happen today together!"


  • PT certificate – ISSA International Sports Science Association
  • ANIMAL FLOW L1 Certified Instructor
  • Capoeira Instructor – L1 Russian Center of Capoeira
  • Functional Training Certificate – F45 Academy
  • F45 Trainer Certification – F45 Academy
  • Body Movement Patterns – F45 Academy


Jorge is online fitness coach with over 8 years of experience coaching private clients and groups, ready to help others achieve their fitness goals safely and in the best way possible.
Jorge became a personal trainer in 2017, after completing the personal training course with the International Sports Science Association of America and has carried on with multiple certifications related to Functional Fitness, Strength and Bodyweight training like Animal Flow and Capoeira.
Jorge worked as a coach for the global franchise F45 in China and was able to grow and learn from seasoned and very experienced coaches from all over the world. He also took part in competitions as well as leading sessions for over 300 people.

  • Competitive sports
  • Loud music
  • Animals
"Growing up, I played a lot of sports like football and even trained in the team in my university back in my home town. I also practice Capoeira - a Brazilian martial art - which is at the core of my training philosophy. I have knowledge, understanding and experience in strength and functional training as well as free movement and bodyweight training. At the core of my skill - set is the ability to create a training environment that ensures the ability of athletes and people like you to achieve their physical potential regardless of age, experience, sport or genetic capabilities."


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