• Strength training
  • Functional workout (HIIT)
  • Stretching
  • Specialized workout for posture
  • Strengthening back
4+ years of experience
"My role is to motivate you and find the way to achieve your goals considering your individual features."


  • Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Exercises
  • Personal trainers by Wieder College
  • Evidence medicine center - stretching classes


Stacy is a qualified personal trainer. Passionate about being a catalyst for others to live their best lives, Stacy believes in creating enjoyable plans based on each client's unique needs. Stacy is determined to help each client co-create their sustainable, healthy lifestyle that they can fall in love with. She is keen on making sure clients feel safe to communicate freely throughout their journey together.

  • Running
  • Reading books
  • Cooking
"My ability as a fitness professional is to educate and effectively guide my clients into fitness and wellbeing."


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