Personal training experience – over 7 years.

Hi! I am Guliz, a yoga instructor/personal trainer, from Turkey.
My Yoga sequence is: 25 min upper body, 2-3 min breathing, 20-25 min standing/balance poses ending with a nice savasana. At the end of the lesson you will feel reborn (and you burn 200-250 calories)

Facial Yoga; Combining 3 techniques as Traditional Chinese medicine technique; accupressure, face lifting masage to the whole face & neckline and face toning yoga  (muscle exercises) max 30 min., 3 times a week is required to see the diffrence on yourself for a bright, vibrant skin

With meditation & breathing: like if you have asma, anxiety, panic attack and a stressful life/job, Meditation & Breathing is totally for you.

With pilates; you will lose weight and get stronger by working on your hips, legs and abdomen (you burn 300-350 calories).

With iron; (High-intensity interval training) we will be walking, running, doing squats and lunges for 30 min then 10 min with strap or stick for spine & posture and 15 min for abdominal work on the mat (you burn 400-500 calories).

Let's burn fat together!