Personal training experience – over 4 years.

My passion for sports and fitness started at a young age. When I was growing up, I played a variety of different sports, my passion for it led me to achieve provincial colours in rugby, athletics and fishing. After I completed high school, I joined the Sharks Rugby Institute where I managed to reach the u/19, u/20 and u/21 professional high performance teams in 2017. I was also chosen for a South African Invitational rugby team to play in Ireland in 2016.

After this amazing experience, I realised that I want to take my passion and use it to help others reach their health and fitness goals; to help them realise that fitness can be fun and enjoyable. To me, fitness is about more than just the physical aspects, I believe it goes beyond that and includes our mental health too. I believe in helping my clients create an overall lifestyle change in order to reach their goals. So come join me and let me help you create your dream physique!