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How WOWFit works ( ) :

  1. We provide you with remote online clients and manage the scheduling/payment process.
  2. You train clients online several times per week (through video call using our app) - 1 to 1, live remote sessions (similar to online tutoring / online coaching / online therapist, etc). Yes, these are LIVE video training sessions with clients, not just online messaging or chatting with a client.
  3. Exercise types: Functional / HIIT / Free weights / Strength exercises w/o equipment.
  4. Besides live classes, you provide exercise recommendations/messages with clients using.
Yes, you can work from anywhere. Main requirement - access to the wideband internet and laptop.

Session time - 30 or 60 min. Users will be at their homes/gyms/hotel workout rooms.
Your fees - 160-180 ZAR for 60 min session.

Eugene Kozunov
The great candidate will possess the following:
Crazy, insanely passionate about fitness, health & eating well (your social media accounts should directly show this)
Passion to learn, and the desire to keep learning (you will provide training in an absolutely new way! Be ready to change your mind about what is right or wrong)
Recognized Personal Trainer Certification
Two-year degree in exercise science, sports medicine, or other related field preferred
At least 1 year of personal training experience (group classes are not enough)
Lead by example (practice what you preach)
Having enough time
Have at least 20 open HOURS per MONTH
Having own workspace
Access to training environment: access to designated fitness space, whether that be a gym, studio, or an at-home studio. If it's a converted space, it should not look like a converted space (i.e. no kitchen or sofa in the background).

Your Duties & Responsibilities
To be professional
Teach correct exercise form and technique through demonstration/explanation during online sessions
To be disciplined
Be able to keep track of your books in Data Track and organized with open availability.
To be result oriented
Help members reach realistic fitness goals to the best of your abilities
To be a " fitness world " guide
Educate members about fitness- and health-related topics, to help them in adopting healthful behaviors that facilitate exercise program success
To be emphatic
Build a relationship with members online
To be creative
Develop and implement exercise programs that are safe, effective, and appropriate for members

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